Episode 3: Rising Waters

No matter where we come from, or how much money we make, we all deserve a safe and healthy place to call home. In this episode we meet parents who are fighting to save their families’ homes despite a perfect storm of  greedy landlords and hurricane-related flooding. Jaime, a mom who lives in subsidized housing in Houston Texas, joins with other moms to stand up to landlords and local officials whose policies and practices have kept working-class Black and Brown families trapped in moldy and unsafe homes for years. Before and after Hurricane Harvey, Jaime and organizers in Houston come together to take collective action and push for change. Along the way they connect with leaders in Puerto Rico who have also been resisting and re-building in the wake of ongoing disaster. We hear from renowned  Puerto Rican activist and former political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera,Luis O. Gallardo Rivera, director of Centro para la Reconstrucción del Hábitat and Adriana Godreau, director of Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico, who along with our host Chrishelle Palay engage in on the ground work and advocacy in their communities, in the halls of Congress, and beyond. Whether they are educating their communities, building back power grids, or bringing their fight to the courtroom, these community leaders are working together to shape the healthier future we all deserve. Join us to hear their stories as they work tirelessly to ensure that next time will be different.