Order Alejandria Fights Back!


Alejandria is a passionate nine-year-old who loves her neighborhood and community. For Alejandria, home isn't just the apartment she shares with Mami and her Abuela, Tita; it’s the whole neighborhood.

Main Protagonist

Tita grew up in Nicaragua, but now lives with Alejandria and Mami in Parkwood. She was an activist in her youth. In her stories about Nicaragua, she always says, “When the people in charge tried to bully us and push us out, we got together and pushed back.”

Alejandria’s Grandmother

Reserved and pragmatic, Mami is more hesitant than Alejandria and Tita to stand up to their landlord. As an immigrant and single mom, she focuses on work and how to survive.

Alejandria’s Mother

Edgar lives in Parkwood but visited his family in Guatemala during the summer. He’s close friends with Alejandria and on a warm day they both love to go get Raspados.

Alejandria’s Best Friend

Julian is a good friend of Alejandria and lives in her apartment building. When the landlord raises the rent, Julian and his family are forced to move.

Alejandria’s Neighbor

Beatrice lives in Parkwood and loves her neighborhood but as more “For Sale” signs pop up she grows nervous.

Ms. Beatrice
Family Friend

Alicia owns a flower shop in Parkwood. She has a cute dog named Duende.

Family Friend

Duende is Alejandria’s favorite dog. He’s energetic, lovable, and fiercely loyal.

Alicia’s Dog